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Cleveland Police Want Robbery Warrant For NFL Officials After Raiders Game

Ryan Mayer

The Cleveland Browns lost in heartbreaking fashion, 45-42 in overtime, to the Oakland Raiders on Sunday afternoon. The result was even more difficult to swallow because several calls by the officiating crew went against the Browns in the late stages of the game. In reaction to those calls, the Cleveland Police department took to Twitter and let it be know that they’d like a robbery warrant issued for the officiating crew.

Now, of course, they can’t actually arrest the officials for robbery, but they weren’t the only ones with visceral reactions to the officiating in the game. The main call that got fans mad was a review of a spot that would have given the Browns a first down and the chance to end the game.

After being called on the field as a first down, replay overturned that call forcing a punt. The Raiders proceeded to tie the game with a touchdown and two-point conversion on the next possession. Fox’s own officiating analyst, Dean Blandino, was stunned by the decision.

The call had some Browns fans flashing back to another replay review that didn’t go their way.

The Browns will look to bounce back this weekend with the Baltimore Ravens coming to town on CBS.

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